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/* ScummVM - Graphic Adventure Engine
 * ScummVM is the legal property of its developers, whose names
 * are too numerous to list here. Please refer to the COPYRIGHT
 * file distributed with this source distribution.
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
 * $URL$
 * $Id$

 *  This file is based on reSID, a MOS6581 SID emulator engine.
 *  Copyright (C) 2004  Dag Lem <resid@nimrod.no>

#ifndef __SID_H__
#define __SID_H__

// Inlining on/off.
#define RESID_INLINE inline

namespace Resid {

// We could have used the smallest possible data type for each SID register,
// however this would give a slower engine because of data type conversions.
// An int is assumed to be at least 32 bits (necessary in the types reg24,
// cycle_count, and sound_sample). GNU does not support 16-bit machines
// (GNU Coding Standards: Portability between CPUs), so this should be
// a valid assumption.

typedef unsigned int reg4;
typedef unsigned int reg8;
typedef unsigned int reg12;
typedef unsigned int reg16;
typedef unsigned int reg24;

typedef int cycle_count;
typedef int sound_sample;
typedef sound_sample fc_point[2];

00057 class WaveformGenerator {

      void set_sync_source(WaveformGenerator*);

      void clock(cycle_count delta_t);
      void synchronize();
      void reset();

      void writeFREQ_LO(reg8);
      void writeFREQ_HI(reg8);
      void writePW_LO(reg8);
      void writePW_HI(reg8);
      void writeCONTROL_REG(reg8);
      reg8 readOSC();

      // 12-bit waveform output.
      reg12 output();

      const WaveformGenerator* sync_source;
      WaveformGenerator* sync_dest;

      // Tell whether the accumulator MSB was set high on this cycle.
      bool msb_rising;

      reg24 accumulator;
      reg24 shift_register;

      // Fout  = (Fn*Fclk/16777216)Hz
      reg16 freq;
      // PWout = (PWn/40.95)%
      reg12 pw;

      // The control register right-shifted 4 bits; used for output function
      // table lookup.
      reg8 waveform;

      // The remaining control register bits.
      reg8 test;
      reg8 ring_mod;
      reg8 sync;
      // The gate bit is handled by the EnvelopeGenerator.

      // 16 possible combinations of waveforms.
      reg12 output____();
      reg12 output___T();
      reg12 output__S_();
      reg12 output__ST();
      reg12 output_P__();
      reg12 output_P_T();
      reg12 output_PS_();
      reg12 output_PST();
      reg12 outputN___();
      reg12 outputN__T();
      reg12 outputN_S_();
      reg12 outputN_ST();
      reg12 outputNP__();
      reg12 outputNP_T();
      reg12 outputNPS_();
      reg12 outputNPST();

      // Sample data for combinations of waveforms.
      static const reg8 wave6581__ST[];
      static const reg8 wave6581_P_T[];
      static const reg8 wave6581_PS_[];
      static const reg8 wave6581_PST[];

      friend class Voice;
      friend class SID;

00130 class Filter {

      void enable_filter(bool enable);

      void clock(cycle_count delta_t,
            sound_sample voice1, sound_sample voice2, sound_sample voice3);
      void reset();

      // Write registers.
      void writeFC_LO(reg8);
      void writeFC_HI(reg8);
      void writeRES_FILT(reg8);
      void writeMODE_VOL(reg8);

      // SID audio output (16 bits).
      sound_sample output();

      void set_w0();
      void set_Q();

      // Filter enabled.
      bool enabled;

      // Filter cutoff frequency.
      reg12 fc;

      // Filter resonance.
      reg8 res;

      // Selects which inputs to route through filter.
      reg8 filt;

      // Switch voice 3 off.
      reg8 voice3off;

      // Highpass, bandpass, and lowpass filter modes.
      reg8 hp_bp_lp;

      // Output master volume.
      reg4 vol;

      // Mixer DC offset.
      sound_sample mixer_DC;

      // State of filter.
      sound_sample Vhp; // highpass
      sound_sample Vbp; // bandpass
      sound_sample Vlp; // lowpass
      sound_sample Vnf; // not filtered

      // Cutoff frequency, resonance.
      sound_sample w0, w0_ceil_1, w0_ceil_dt;
      sound_sample _1024_div_Q;

      // Cutoff frequency tables.
      // FC is an 11 bit register.
      sound_sample f0_6581[2048];
      sound_sample* f0;
      static fc_point f0_points_6581[];
      fc_point* f0_points;
      int f0_count;

      friend class SID;

00198 class EnvelopeGenerator {

      enum State { ATTACK, DECAY_SUSTAIN, RELEASE };

      void clock(cycle_count delta_t);
      void reset();

      void writeCONTROL_REG(reg8);
      void writeATTACK_DECAY(reg8);
      void writeSUSTAIN_RELEASE(reg8);
      reg8 readENV();

      // 8-bit envelope output.
      reg8 output();

      reg16 rate_counter;
      reg16 rate_period;
      reg8 exponential_counter;
      reg8 exponential_counter_period;
      reg8 envelope_counter;
      bool hold_zero;

      reg4 attack;
      reg4 decay;
      reg4 sustain;
      reg4 release;

      reg8 gate;

      State state;

      // Lookup table to convert from attack, decay, or release value to rate
      // counter period.
      static reg16 rate_counter_period[];

      // The 16 selectable sustain levels.
      static reg8 sustain_level[];

      friend class SID;

00242 class ExternalFilter {

      void enable_filter(bool enable);
      void set_sampling_parameter(double pass_freq);

      void clock(cycle_count delta_t, sound_sample Vi);
      void reset();

      // Audio output (20 bits).
      sound_sample output();

      // Filter enabled.
      bool enabled;

      // Maximum mixer DC offset.
      sound_sample mixer_DC;

      // State of filters.
      sound_sample Vlp; // lowpass
      sound_sample Vhp; // highpass
      sound_sample Vo;

      // Cutoff frequencies.
      sound_sample w0lp;
      sound_sample w0hp;

      friend class SID;

00274 class Voice {

      void set_sync_source(Voice*);
      void reset();

      void writeCONTROL_REG(reg8);

      // Amplitude modulated waveform output.
      // Range [-2048*255, 2047*255].
      sound_sample output() {
            // Multiply oscillator output with envelope output.
            return (wave.output() - wave_zero)*envelope.output() + voice_DC;

      WaveformGenerator wave;
      EnvelopeGenerator envelope;

      // Waveform D/A zero level.
      sound_sample wave_zero;

      // Multiplying D/A DC offset.
      sound_sample voice_DC;

      friend class SID;

00304 class SID {

      void enable_filter(bool enable);
      void enable_external_filter(bool enable);
      bool set_sampling_parameters(double clock_freq,
            double sample_freq, double pass_freq = -1,
            double filter_scale = 0.97);

      void clock(cycle_count delta_t);
      int clock(cycle_count& delta_t, short* buf, int n, int interleave = 1);
      void reset();

      // Read/write registers.
      reg8 read(reg8 offset);
      void write(reg8 offset, reg8 value);

      // 16-bit output (AUDIO OUT).
      int output();

      Voice voice[3];
      Filter filter;
      ExternalFilter extfilt;

      reg8 bus_value;
      cycle_count bus_value_ttl;

      double clock_frequency;

      // Fixpoint constants.
      static const int FIXP_SHIFT;
      static const int FIXP_MASK;

      // Sampling variables.
      cycle_count cycles_per_sample;
      cycle_count sample_offset;
      short sample_prev;


#endif // not __SID_H__

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