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void Graphics::Surface::free (  ) [inherited]

Release the memory used by the pixels memory of this surface. This is the counterpart to create().

Note that you should only use this, when you created the Surface data via create! Otherwise this function has undefined behavior.

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Definition at line 64 of file surface.cpp.

References Graphics::Surface::bytesPerPixel, Graphics::Surface::h, Graphics::Surface::pitch, Graphics::Surface::pixels, and Graphics::Surface::w.

Referenced by Sword25::RenderedImage::blit(), Video::SmackerDecoder::close(), Video::QuickTimeDecoder::close(), Video::FlicDecoder::close(), Sci::SeqDecoder::close(), Graphics::Surface::create(), Video::FlicDecoder::decodeNextFrame(), DraciMetaEngine::listSaves(), Toon::ToonstruckSmackerDecoder::loadFile(), GUI::ThemeEngine::setGraphicsMode(), and GUI::ThemeEngine::~ThemeEngine().

      pixels = 0;
      w = h = pitch = 0;
      bytesPerPixel = 0;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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