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Common::SearchSet Class Reference

#include <archive.h>

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struct  Node

Public Member Functions

void add (const String &name, Archive *arch, int priority=0, bool autoFree=true)
void addDirectory (const String &name, const FSNode &directory, int priority=0, int depth=1, bool flat=false)
void addDirectory (const String &name, const String &directory, int priority=0, int depth=1, bool flat=false)
void addSubDirectoriesMatching (const FSNode &directory, String origPattern, bool ignoreCase, int priority=0)
void addSubDirectoryMatching (const FSNode &directory, const String &caselessName, int priority=0)
virtual void clear ()
virtual SeekableReadStreamcreateReadStreamForMember (const String &name) const
virtual ArchiveMemberPtr getMember (const String &name)
bool hasArchive (const String &name) const
virtual bool hasFile (const String &name)
virtual int listMatchingMembers (ArchiveMemberList &list, const String &pattern)
virtual int listMembers (ArchiveMemberList &list)
void remove (const String &name)
void setPriority (const String &name, int priority)

Private Types

typedef List< NodeArchiveNodeList

Private Member Functions

ArchiveNodeList::iterator find (const String &name)
ArchiveNodeList::const_iterator find (const String &name) const
void insert (const Node &node)

Private Attributes

ArchiveNodeList _list

Detailed Description

SearchSet enables access to a group of Archives through the Archive interface. Its intended usage is a situation in which there are no name clashes among names in the contained Archives, hence the simplistic policy of always looking for the first match. SearchSet *DOES* guarantee that searches are performed in *DESCENDING* priority order. In case of conflicting priorities, insertion order prevails.

Definition at line 133 of file archive.h.

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