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MT32Emu::Part Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void allNotesOff ()
void allSoundOff ()
virtual unsigned int getAbsTimbreNum () const
const char * getCurrentInstr () const
int getVolume () const
 Part (Synth *synth, unsigned int usePartNum)
virtual void playNote (unsigned int key, int vel)
virtual void refresh ()
virtual void refreshTimbre (unsigned int absTimbreNum)
virtual void setBend (unsigned int midiBend)
void setExpression (int midiExpression)
void setHoldPedal (bool pedalval)
virtual void setModulation (unsigned int midiModulation)
virtual void setPan (unsigned int midiPan)
virtual void setProgram (unsigned int midiProgram)
virtual void setTimbre (TimbreParam *timbre)
void setVolume (int midiVolume)
void stopNote (unsigned int key)
void stopPedalHold ()

Protected Member Functions

void backupCacheToPartials (PatchCache cache[4])
void cacheTimbre (PatchCache cache[4], const TimbreParam *timbre)
const char * getName () const
void playPoly (const PatchCache cache[4], unsigned int key, int freqNum, int vel)
void updateVolume ()

Protected Attributes

char currentInstr [11]
int expression
char name [8]
Bit32u volumeMult

Private Member Functions

void abortPoly (dpoly *poly)
void setPatch (const PatchParam *patch)

Static Private Member Functions

static int fixBiaslevel (int srcpnt, int *dir)
static int fixKeyfollow (int srckey)

Private Attributes

float bend
bool holdpedal
unsigned int partNum
PatchCache patchCache [4]
dpoly polyTable [MT32EMU_MAX_POLY]
StereoVolume volumesetting

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file part.h.

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