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Public Attributes

MT32Emu::PatchCache Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int ampbias [2]
int ampblevel [2]
int ampdepth
int ampdir [2]
TimbreParam::partialParam::tvaParam ampEnv
int amplevel
float benderRange
bool dirty
TimbreParam::partialParam::tvfParam filtEnv
int filtkeyfollow
Bit32s filtsustain
int lfodepth
Bit32u lfoperiod
int lforate
int modsense
const StereoVolumepansetptr
Bit32u partialCount
int pcm
bool PCMPartial
float pitch
TimbreParam::partialParam::envParam pitchEnv
float pitchKeyfollow
float pitchShift
Bit32s pitchsustain
bool playPartial
int pulsewidth
int pwsens
bool reverb
Bit32u structureMix
int structurePair
int structurePosition
bool sustain
int tvfbias
int tvfblevel
int tvfdir
bool useBender
char waveform

Detailed Description

Definition at line 207 of file structures.h.

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